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Dear Visitors


Jachtclub Scheveningen is as all other sportclubs in the Hague SMOKEFREE. It is not allowed to smoke at the Marina. In this way we hope to contribute to a smokefree (next) generation.



 The berthfee can be paid by the BlueWaterApp.

You can download the app from the Appstore.

After you have paid the berthfee you will get an accesscode in your app.

With this code you have access to the gates of the Marina and the Harbouroffice where the showers and toilets are.

Please be aware that if you have not paid you will be locked out of the Marina!!

The harbourmasters are pleased to help you to download the app.


Harbour Office Yacht Club Scheveningen Hellingweg 96K

Scheveningen Harbour

When approaching or departing the harbour report to Traffic Center Scheveningen at VHF 21 and wait for instructions from the Traffic Center (Scheveningen Control).

Take into account the tidal stream which runs fast and is across the harbour entrance.
The current runs North approximately 2 hours before HW Hoek van Holland and South 4 hours after HW Hoek van Holland.
When departing outbound from Yacht Club Scheveningen (in the second inner harbour) to the first outer harbour, it is prohibited to pass through the "PIJP"  when the light on the quay (starboard side) is red. Depth in the "PIJP" is 3.20m

All yachts must call to Traffic Center VHF 21 prior to departure.

Information for visiting vessels.

Visiting vessels are requested to stop in the "Passantenkom", the bow facing North and report to the harbourmaster VHF 31 or  +31653293137
We kindly ask you not to berth independently in a box. The boxes  are in possession  of members of the Yacht Club Scheveningen.
Only on indication and with permission of the harbourmaster it is allowed to berth temporarily in a box.
Unfortunately it is not possible to book a box in advance. Neither via Apps or booking sites.

Warning to owners of Ribs and Speedboats: at Yacht Club Scheveningen there are no facilities to launch your boat.

Welcome to Yachtclub Scheveningen

We would like you to enjoy your stay at our harbour, and have compiled the following information concerning our harbour and amenities, local shops and restaurants (see insert google maps) and nearby chandleries. The Harbourmaster is present at:   Opening hours  



Toilets and showers are located in the Harbour Office, just opposite of the exit of the visitor docks. Acces to the docks and the Harbour Office is by a code wich you will recieve after you have paid your berthfee with the Blue Water App. The code will be shown in your account and is only valid for the duration of payment.

Free wiFi access by Den Haag free WiFi. Login as a guest. In the Harbour Office a public PC is available with fast internet connection.

Household waste can be dumped in the garbage containers around the harbour, also in front of the Harbour Office. The waste water pump-out station is located at the Passantenkom area. Dumping chemical waste, please ask the Harbour master.

Grocery supermarket  JUMBO  is located on the east side of the harbour, adress van Bergenstraat 7, Scheveningen.

Fuel call VHF 21 port service and ask for GEO or call +31625593581

Yacht service

Chandleries and sailmaker
  • VROLIJK Watersports, Visafslagweg 1,Scheveningen,  +31704168282
  • VROLIJK Zeilmakerij, Schokkerweg 26,Scheveningen, +31703554957
  • Performance Sails, Hellingweg 110-120, Scheveningen, +31703382909

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