Terms and Conditions Berth May 21 to July 12 (including Volvo Ocean Race)

  1. The Berthoffer is only valid for North Sea Regatta competitors which also compete in the Offshore Worlds 2018.
  2. The berthfee is for the period Monday 21th of may (end of Northsea Regatta) (arrival) till Thursday 12th of july (start of WC Offshore).
  3. After 20th of july the normal vistor tariffs apply.
  4. Only 10 berths are available for NSR-WC Offshore competitors.
  5. During the arrival of the Volvofleet at Sunday the 24th of june and the inportrace at Saturday the 30th of june there will be slottimes in Scheveningen Harbour. Probably there will be additional slottimes as more events take place during the Volvo Ocean Race Festival. During the slottimes you are not allowed to enter or leave Scheveningenharbour. (The Port authorities will close the harbour) A schedule of the slottimes will be available at the harbouroffice of Jachtclub Scheveningen.
  6. Instructions of the local portauthorities and harbourmasters of Jachtclub Scheveningen have to be act upon immediately.
  7. During the period 17th of june till 2nd of july you only have entrance to the port of Scheveningen by flying a Volvo Ocean Race ensign. This ensign is private and not transferable. Without this ensign you have no entrance to the port of Scheveningen and the marina of Jachtclub Scheveningen. The ensign will be distributed by the harbourmaster of Jachtclub Scheveningen.
  8. Berths are allocated by the harbourmaster of Jachtclub Scheveningen. Yachts will be allocated side by side.
  9. Reservation of the berth is final after payment is received within a week after the invoice has been send. If no payment is received the reservation is not valid.
  10. Reservations will be allocated by date of application. The first ten applications will be assigned.
  11. The berthingfee includes: electricity, water, free showers and a keycard for the facilities. Additional keycards can be obtained at the harbour office.
  12. In case of cancellation of the reservation the harbourfee will not be refunded.

Berthfees May 21 to July 12 (including Volvo Ocean Race)

0.00 - 6.99 METER € 1.330,00
7.00 - 7.99 METER € 1.490,00
8.00 - 8.99 METER € 1.650,00
9.00 - 9.99 METER € 1.810,00
10.00 - 10.99 METER € 1.970,00
11.00 - 11.99 METER € 2.210,00
12.00 - 12.99 METER € 2.370,00
13.00 - 13.99 METER € 2.610,00
14.00 - 14.99 METER € 2.850,00
15.00 - 15.99 METER € 3.010,00
16.00 - 16.99 METER € 3.170,00
17.00 - 17.99 METER € 3.810,00
18.00 - 18.99 METER € 3.970,00
19.00 - 19.99 METER € 4.130,00


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